Intelligent Traffic Control Systems for Changing Conditions

Informing drivers and pedestrians of changing traffic conditions during road work, bridge repairs, re-paving projects, or even routine maintenance like mowing is fast and easy with iTraffic Systems. An experienced company that designs and manufactures barricades stockton has developed two Queue Monitoring Systems for traffic conditions that change daily. These can be purchased or rented for up-to-date information that reduces liability risks in several ways.

Changing Conditions

Road work involves many steps and is typically completed one lane at a time. That results in lane changes, one-way traffic, reduced speeds, and uneven pavement. The monitoring systems can be easily changed remotely to reflect current conditions. This protects workers, reduces the risks of accidents, and keeps traffic moving as smoothly as possible.

Due Diligence

A system as responsive as this one reduces liability risks by proving due diligence on the part of the highway department, the construction company, or the municipality. That is imperative in the event of a lawsuit. A personal injury lawsuit hinges on neglect, which is the burden of the claimant to prove.

It is possible for workers to forget to switch signs or place the wrong sign in a crucial position as work progresses. A project manager can re-program the sign to inform motorists of changing speed limits, lane changes, traffic delays up ahead, or any other current road conditions. Information is accurate, workers do not have to cross traffic to change signs, and a record is available that shows the times information was altered.

Portable Barricades

Several types of portable barricades, stockton signs, and stencils are also available. Rumble strips to slow traffic, arrow boards to provide time for drivers to change lanes, high visibility cones and barrels can be rented in the greater Sacramento and San Francisco areas. Stencils for traffic control, parking lots, and custom needs are offered. All products are ADA and California DOT compliant.

Signs and banners in stock include work zone, project, and a variety of ADA signs to indicate parking spaces, van accessible spaces, entrances, and loading lanes. Custom signs can be designed and manufactured for business purposes, special community events, seasonal fairs or carnivals, and trade shows or exhibitions.